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Malcolm in the Middle (of transitioning)

Adventures in transitioning.


I’ve recently reached 800 followers, and in response I’m running a giveaway to say “thank you!” 

What do you win?
- The winner will be able to look around and choose any item(s) related to transition that comes to a total of $40 (including shipping costs) or less. 

Who can enter?
- Any trans-identified person (transmale, transfemale, non-binary, whatever else). You do not need to be following me, however anyone who is following me at the time of the drawing will have two numbers assigned to their name. All countries may enter, but make sure the item you choose can be shipped to where you are. Shipping costs are included in the “up to $40,” so make sure it doesn’t go over.

How will you choose a winner?
- Random number generator!

When will this end?
- Thursday, April 10th, at 8:00PM EST. Reblogs after that time will not be counted. The winner will be contacted sometime soon after (ask must be open).

How do I enter?
- Reblog! Likes do not count, and multiple reblogs do not make a difference.

What do you mean “any items related to transition?”
- Some examples would be: packers, chest binders, breast forms, STPs, gaffs, wigs, or clothing. Someone will probably ask, so I’ll state now that dildos do not count for this (although a “pack-and-play packer” does). If there is something else you want, ask me about it. I might say yes.

How will it work?
- I will alert the winner at the end of the giveaway. They’ll have until April 13th to decide what they want, and once they figure it out and send me a link and shipping information, I’ll OK the choice and order it to be sent to them. If I haven’t received the decision and shipping information by that time, I will choose a new winner.

What if I want something that costs more than $40?
- I’ll still order it for you, but you’ll need to send me the difference via Paypal before I’ll do so.  

Some websites you may want to browse:

As always, Google is your friend! Happy browsing, and good luck!

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The 21st marked my 2 month anniversary and I’m finally seeing changes. #YesYesYes #ftm #hrt (at Brookline, MA)

Here’s my 2 month video! Some times I forgot to take a daily photo, but I only missed a few. Looking through them, you can clearly see some days I was more bloated than others. Since this time, my puberty will be much more accelerated, I believe this is kinda normal. 

It’s my 2 month anniversary!

Progress so far:

My arms and back are getting more muscular, even from just a little exercise. 

My body fat especially at my hips and thighs are starting to change.

People can noticeably tell that my voice is getting deeper (plus it cracks ALL the time!). 

NO MORE PERIOD (I’m free!).

I pretended that I didn’t hear you say I was beautiful. I couldn’t even look at you. It was far too much for someone who can’t be mine.

I finally got home and having a horrible panic attack. I wish I wasn’t so noticeable- that everyone wouldn’t automatically know that I was different than other men. I’m almost 2 months on T and people can still fucking tell! I wish I could blend in and not be seen as passing. Some times I wish I was dead so I could start over. I wish I could be just another guy. But people only see me as a girl trying to be a man when I’m not; I really am a man. I wish I could restart like a video game. I could start over at the beginning and pick a path cause I know I’d choose the right one.

Wicked bad dysphoria

Today I was really dysphoric and didn’t even know if I could make it to class. To make matters worse, a teacher misgendered me and sent me into a panic attack. She later apologized, and I’m really glad she did, but it ruined my day. My dysphoria is really bad to the point where all my clothes bother me- even things like color can make me dysphoric. I was wearing this light grey hoodie that always makes me feel shitty. I’m not entirely sure why, but it just seems feminine to me, even though I got it from the men’s section at H&M. I think because I see everything little thing as gendered, that it’s hard to see anything on myself as masculine because I perceive others as reading me as female. Even if I saw a cis-guy wearing the same thing, once I was wearing it, I wouldn’t see it as a masculine outfit. I wish T was making more noticeable changes because maybe this clothing/ body dyphoria would be more manageable. Luckily, I was able to go get a new hoodie and I felt much better about it this time. 

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